Filing a no-fault claim rarely affects your rates. However, if there are multiple claims in an area because of a storm, everyone’s rates could be affected. Failing to file a claim will not exclude you from those types of rate increases and could be looked at as neglect in the future and not be covered.

Most companies have a required time to file a claim from the date of the damage. Typically it is 1 or 2 years. Every company has their own policies.

Hail damages the shingle mat, which holds the granules that protect the mat from the elements. As the shingle expands and contracts it will lose granules thus, exposing the mat, which in turn dries out and allows moisture to enter causing leaks and an eventual complete roof system failure. 

First, we will assist you in filing a claim with your insurance company. The best results for the benefit of homeowners seem to be obtained when an experienced roofer walks through the inspection with the insurance adjuster and calls to the adjuster’s attention any damage that he sees. Once your roof has been approved for replacement, we will help you choose the best roof to protect you from future storms.

The primary product that we use is a Lifetime (limited) rated shingle prorated after 35 years. It is the best warranty rating in the industry. However, the average life of the properly installed asphalt composition, under normal conditions, is approximately fifteen to twenty years.

Yes JJ Roofing & Restoration has a 10 year workmanship warranty, twice the average industry.

It depends on how busy the insurance company is. Typically it takes less than a week to get your insurance adjuster there and we can generally install within 7 to 10 days. In special cases the entire process could go as fast 6 or 7 days.

In most cases we schedule enough workers to complete it in one day. If your roof is larger it may take into the second to complete. Our scheduling department will be glad to work with you if you prefer certain dates for installation of your new roof.

Our 100% Workmanship covers any problems that may occur during the warranty period that are due to faulty workmanship. Upon receipt of final payment, JJ Roofing & Restoration will issue a Warranty Certificate for the materials and a ten year Workmanship Guarantee.

One of our quality control  inspectors will make a thorough inspection of your roof to ensure that all workmanship is performed in a quality manner, and adheres to all company guidelines.

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