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Keeping your gutters in good condition is incredibly important. These structures help to protect your roof, siding, fascia, and foundation from costly water damage, and they can also make or break your home’s curb appeal. Gutter maintenance can be time-consuming—so why not let our dedicated professionals handle it? The team at JJ Roofing & Restoration in Kansas City, MO will make sure your gutters are always at peak performance and cleanliness. Whether you need a brand-new gutter installation or a minor repair, we can handle it with ease.


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While residential gutter systems are designed to withstand the elements, they unfortunately don’t last forever. Call a trusted gutter installation contractor if you notice any of the following issues:


  • Your gutters have a significant amount of cracks, holes, or rust spots
  • Your gutters are starting to separate at the seams
  • Your gutters are pulling away from the roof
  • Water is pooling around the foundation of your home
  • Your landscaping is eroding


We will replace your old, ineffective gutters with modern, durable, long-lasting ones that will not only offer excellent performance, but also boost your home’s curb appeal. Contact us today to learn more!

Need a Gutter Contractor for Your Home in Kansas City, MO? We’ve Got You Covered.

As a dedicated rain gutter company, you can count on us to complete your installation or replacement to the highest standard of quality. Get the best possible gutter system for your Kansas City, MO home by working with the area’s most knowledgeable contractors.


As a roofer in Kansas City, MO, we serve clients in these areas:


  • Bates County, MO
  • Cass County, MO
  • Clay County, MO
  • Douglas County, KS
  • Franklin County, KS
  • Henry County, MO
  • Independence, MO
  • Jackson County, MO
  • Jefferson County, KS
  • Johnson County, KS
  • Johnson County, MO
  • Lafayette County, MO
  • Leavenworth County, KS
  • Lee’s Summit, MO
  • Lenexa, MO
  • Linn County, KS
  • Miami County, KS
  • Olathe, MO
  • Platte County, MO
  • Ray County, MO
  • Wyandotte County, KS


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